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Curriculum intent

At Seaford Primary School we have high aspirations for our children. We provide an exciting, ambitious curriculum. We often evaluate and adapt it to meet the needs of our children. This enables them to fulfil their potential and become lifelong learners.

We cover all aspects of the national curriculum. To make it broad, balanced and engaging we:

  • use subject specific contexts and make links across subjects
  • make content relevant and purposeful
  • build on skills, knowledge and understanding
  • enable children to work both alone and together
  • encourage children to share their learning
  • apply learning to a wide range of challenges
  • celebrate achievement
  • evaluate and develop our teaching and learning

Children develop their curiosity and critical thinking. We encourage them to question, investigate and evaluate.

Our School Values are:

  • respect
  • friendship
  • perseverance
  • empathy
  • ambition
  • enjoyment

These aim to create a sense of pride and high aspiration in our children.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning

This is a central part of our curriculum. Children’s emotional and mental health is a priority at our school.

Physical health and well-being

We promote this through all our teaching and learning. We also offer activities with clubs and sports providers.

Creative and artistic opportunities

Children learn art, drama and music skills. They learn a musical instrument and have the chance to compose and perform music.

Educational visits and visitors

First-hand experiences enhance learning and engage the children’s interest.

Read our full curriculum intent