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For more information on curriculum progression, you can download a PDF by clicking: Curriculum progression Art.


The Arts encompass a wide range of subject areas and disciplines including:

  • Art
  • Design and Display
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama

We provide our pupils with the chance to learn about and participate in each of these areas. Our performances give them a platform from which to:

  • be creative
  • express themselves
  • find success
  • share these experiences, talents and abilities

A drawing of a road with skyscrapers on the right and a pond with fish on the left

We want our pupils to leave Seaford Primary School as confident, social and imaginative individuals.  They will have an understanding of performance and presentation skills.

They should be able to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings articulately.  At the same time, they should demonstrate respect and tolerance for those who have different beliefs or opinions.

The importance of Art

When children get a chance to express their creativity, they develop confidence. They increase their empathy and discover how to look at the world from different perspectives. Those skills help prepare children to take on the world with passion and creativity.

Art at Seaford Primary School

The Arts are thriving at Seaford Primary School and children can explore the visual arts. We use ‘learning journeys’ for children to develop their skills through both discreet teaching and exploration of different artists and genres. The performing arts and visual arts merge in our annual whole school Arts Week. The children create a performance from start to finish. They design the sets, scenery, costumes, props and study well-known authors, such as Shakespeare and TS Eliot. They learn songs, dances and parts to perform in what is surely the highlight of our school year.

Music at Seaford Primary is exceptional. Children have weekly music lessons, taught by specialist teachers. They can join a school choir from Year 4 upwards. The Year 5 and 6 choir has the wonderful experience of participating in the Young Voices choir at the O2 every two years. There is also a school orchestra which performs regularly to parents and in assemblies.

What our children say about Art

“I love art because it’s beautiful and exciting!”

“The arts week we did about making sure we use less plastic really was fun! I loved the collage work we did.”

“I love our drama because I want to be an actor and the arts inspire me to do it!”