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For more information on curriculum progression you can download a PDF by clicking: PE: curriculum progression


Our children take part in a wide range of physical activities in PE classes. We give them the foundations to be active for life.

The importance of Physical Education

PE develops children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. They build competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. These include:

  • dance
  • games
  • gymnastics
  • swimming and water safety
  • athletics, and
  • outdoor adventure activities.

PE helps children understand their bodies in action. They learn positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. This will help keep them active throughout their lives.

PE at Seaford Primary School

The curriculum design has tasks that progress. They develop coordination, balance, agility and decision-making.

Pupils have PE classes for two hours a week. Each year group has six units of PE every year — three indoors and three outdoors. Each of the units has a core task.

There are three stages. First children explore, experiment and select. They attempt the core task and learn which areas they need to practice and improve. Then they practise and perfect to develop the skills they need. Finally, they apply their learning in a performance.

Children also enjoy extra opportunities to be physically active. These include:

  • Mile-a-Day
  • teacher-led breaktime activities
  • lunchtime sports coach
  • before and after-school clubs
  • in school competitions and
  • various inter-school competitions.

Our programme helps our children become happier, healthier and more active.

What our children say about PE

It’s fun. We are always trying out different things. We don’t necessarily have to be good because we do it for fun.

Sophie, Year 6

I like playing sports. I like to run around and choose which games we play.

Daniel, Year 5