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For more information on curriculum progression you can download a PDF by clicking: Maths curriculum progression


At Seaford Primary School we aim to inspire all pupils to develop a love of maths. We equip our children with the tools to build confidence in maths. We encourage them to explore and question the mathematical world around them.

The importance of Maths ​​​​​​

Maths teaches children to make sense of the world. It is a subject which is about finding patterns. Maths helps us think analytically and build reasoning abilities. Analytical and reasoning skills help us solve problems. This involves understanding and making sense of calculations. These can involve money, reading timetables and measuring ingredients. These skills are important across the curriculum and are key to a child’s adult life.

Maths at Seaford Primary School

Maths has a high profile in the school. We use lots of apparatus to help the children to visualise and make links. We encourage them to draw their solutions to help them show their understanding. Where possible we make links with other curriculum areas. This helps children to see maths in real life situations and circumstances.

We embed Times tables using Times Tables Rockstars, a computer based fluency game we use from year 3. We encourage the children to learn their times tables through competitions and whole school tournaments. We have maths events, such as Maths Week. They have a theme to enable the children to use their maths skills in different contexts. Maths is celebrated through termly Maths Champions from each class.

What our children say about Maths

“I think Maths is really fun. We get to use lots of counter and multi-link that make it really easy.”

Noah, Year 2

“I really enjoyed my lesson today and I am really proud of myself.”

Hannah, Year 5

“I really like Times Table Rockstars. It makes learning my tables fun and I like the tournaments.”

Josh, Year 5