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If your child has special educational needs

Any child may have additional needs at some stage of their school life. They could be short-term emotional problems, perhaps caused by changes in their family. Or they could be long-term learning difficulties.

Your first point of contact is your child’s class teacher. Class teachers deal sensitively with everyday problems. They get support from the Inclusion Manager.

Our approach

We believe that all children should be able to succeed whatever their individual needs.

With termly pupil progress meetings we quickly identify those who need extra support. We work to ensure children with special educational needs (SEN) can access all parts of the curriculum.

Our approach is flexible because we recognise that needs are individual. We work to develop the skills and strategies children need to reach their potential.  We teach in a way that enables all our children to make academic, social and emotional progress. 

We like to work with parents. This helps us to achieve the best provision for your child’s learning and wellbeing.

Our inclusion manager

At Seaford Primary School, our inclusion Manager is Mrs Elaine Wattam. She supports class teachers and co-ordinates the support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

You can contact her on 01323 893450 or email

Elaine  works Monday to Thursday and alternate Fridays.

For further details, you can read our SEN information report.

You may also find the East Sussex County Council special needs and disability - Local Offer section helpful.