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Health in school


The office staff can keep and administer some prescribed medication, after a meeting to discuss and agree a Health Care plan for your child. Inhalers for children with asthma can be kept at school and administered to your child when needed.  

Please complete a Medical Consent form if your child needs to bring in an inhaler or a health care plan has been agreed to administer a prescribed medication to your child.

Return the form to the office with the medication. Mark the medication with:

  • your child’s name,
  • the dosage and
  • times to be administered. 

Only adults should deliver and collect medication from the office.  Children should not keep any medication or administer themselves.


  • Please tell your child’s class teacher if they have an inhaler in school.
  • Ensure you supply us with an inhaler that is in date.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about medication. We deal with all enquiries in confidence.