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Health in school


The office staff can keep and administer prescribed medication, and inhalers for children with asthma.  

Please complete Medical Consent form.

Return the form to the office with the medication. Mark the medication with:

  • your child’s name,
  • the dosage and
  • times to be administered. 

Only adults should deliver and collect medication from the office.  Children should not keep any medication or administer themselves.

Under certain circumstances, the office staff can also administer other types of non-prescribed medication. Please speak to a member of the office staff about this.

We generally only administer antibiotics if they need to be taken four times a day. 


  • Please tell your child’s class teacher if they have an inhaler in school.
  • Ensure you supply us with an inhaler that is in date.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about medication. We deal with all enquiries in confidence.