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For more information on curriculum progression you can download a PDF by clicking: History curriculum progression


At Seaford Primary we have a motivating curriculum. It enables children to develop:

  • thorough knowledge of historical people and events
  • critical understanding of how the past has shaped their present and future lives.

​​​The importance of History

We view history as a vital part of a well-rounded education. It allows pupils to explore, question and scrutinise information to help learn about the past. We teach children a sense of chronology. Through this they come to understand and value their own and other people’s cultures. By learning how people lived in the past, they are better able to make their own life choices today. Historical study skills are transferrable. They help equip pupils for many future careers, from museum curators to solicitors and estate agents.

History at Seaford Primary School

We teach history through our wide range of Learning Adventures. We aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination about our place in the world as a result of past events. We want our children to know about and understand British, local and world history.  They make links within and across the periods they study (including The Great Fire of London, The Romans and World War 2). We encourage children to be active participants in history lessons by:

  • asking perceptive questions
  • ​thinking critically
  • weighing evidence
  • debating
  • developing perspective and judgements.

School trips and visitors provide memorable ways of learning. 
Children build on their history skills throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. These include:

  • chronology
  • historical enquiry
  • cause and consequences.

These skills are transferrable to other curriculum areas, including literacy and maths.

What our children say about History

“I love History because it makes me feel like I have gone back in time to relive those moments. I really enjoyed learning about the Tudors as those times were very different from the present day!”

“I enjoy History. In Year 4 we made Roman shields and we had a great time at Fishbourne.”