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For more information on curriculum progression you can download a PDF by clicking: Geography curriculum progression


At Seaford Primary we seek to inspire curiosity, respect and fascination about the world and its people. We hope this will remain with our learners for the rest of their lives.

We promote a wide knowledge and understanding of our world and the people and cultures that live in it. This develops respect for both the animal and physical world.

The importance of Geography

Geography contributes to all our lives. It explores the relationship between the earth and its people. Children need to learn about their local area as well as other regions of the world. This helps them to develop tolerance and understanding of others. They should understand that we are the current keepers of our planet and that we need to look after it.

Geography at Seaford Primary School

We mainly teach geography through our Learning Adventure work. This is often through enquiry based activities.

We encourage our children to ask questions and find answers to them. They take part in a wide variety of problem-solving activities.

Wherever possible, we use ‘real’ geographical activities. For example, we research how the local landscape has impacted on activities in our area. This would have included smuggling, years ago. Children research local environmental problems and investigate current issues. Our children are very enthusiastic about local and environmental issues. We have a keen group of eco-warriors!

What our children say about Geography

“We learned about food in other countries like the Caribbean. It is very hot there. It is quite beachy. Some people live in shacks and some cities are a bit like ours.”

Oscar, Year 4.

“We learned about the world through our ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ Learning Adventure and we pinpointed countries on a map. Because of our Learning Adventure I have loved Geography a lot more than I usually would, and it was taught in a fun way.”

Pelagia, Year 6.