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We expect all pupils to wear uniform. We believe this gives the school an identity. It encourages the children to take pride in both their appearance and their school. 

The school colours are dark green and gold. Please name all clothing.

  • Grey trousers/shorts/pinafores/skirts
  • Dark green sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan*
  • White shirts/blouses/poloshirts* (these need to be tucked in)
  • White/grey/green socks or tights
  • Green and gold stripe tie* (optional)


  • Sensible well-fitting black school shoes (with backs and low heels).

No boots, cloth ‘pumps’ or flip flops. 

  • Children can wear Wellingtons or boots to school on cold or wet days, but they must bring a change of footwear to wear in class.

Summer options

  • Green and white check/stripe dress.
  • Sensible white or dark-coloured sandals.

PE Kit

Pupils need a suitable change of clothing for PE and games activities. They should keep this in a named bag.

  • Green shorts/skirt
  • Yellow t-shirt*
  • Black or white plimsolls
  • Green tracksuit for cold weather*

*You can buy these items with the school logo from My Clothing Ltd or ‘Intersport’ in Seaford.  Other items are available from the chain stores.


For reasons of safety and security, we do not allow children to wear jewellery or wrist bands. 

Children should not wear nail varnish or make-up.

Children may wear a watch but must remove it for PE.      

Children with pierced ears may wear a single plain stud in each ear. 

Children should have modest hairstyles - no Mohican-type hairstyles and no coloured hair other than for specific fundraising days.

Lost Property

To keep lost property to a minimum please name all your children’s clothes and belongings. We can return named articles to their owners.

We put unnamed in the lost property bins outside the Year 3 activity area.

Second-hand uniform

Second hand uniform can be purchased at