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Staying well and healthy at home

Staying healthy plays an important role in overall wellbeing.

To help your children follow a healthy lifestyle outside of school, (or when children cannot attend) you may find these links helpful: 

A balanced diet

Change 4 Life is an NHS affiliated website aimed at helping your family make better food choices. It is packed full of healthy recipes, games, and freebies.

Physical activity

  • The Change 4 Life - Activities page had many useful ideas to get children moving.
  • the BBC Super Movers website hosts a number of free online videos & fun curriculum-linked resources to get children active whilst they learn.
  • Active Sussex is a charitable trust that encourages people to be more active. They have some useful resources for children regarding physical activity at home. ​​​​​
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel with a wealth of yoga adventures for children. 


You can initiate a conversation with your child about the importance of good mental health. The following BBC videos can be a good starting point: Feelings and Emotions

The NSPCC website also has mental health and wellbeing information for children and families.


Parenting can be very challenging at times, especially when children exhibit behaviour that is difficult to manage. Open for Parents is a first point of contact for parents who are experiencing these sorts of difficulties. It is funded by East Sussex County Council and the NHS Hastings and Rother Clinical Commissioning Group. It provides practical and positive ways to deal with the challenges you may face as a parent.