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KS2 French

To practice French at home, use the self-assessment sheets we use in school at the end of each term. The sheets show most of the content we cover in class. Your child can choose the areas they feel they need to practice.

In lessons at school, we focus on speaking, listening and reading. We practice correct pronunciation and speaking in a natural, expressive way. 
Home learning packs for French will not include written tasks.

See information for parents from Magali Browne, French teacher,

Learning videos and songs

Pupils can explore YouTube for instructional videos and songs. A good place to start is the channel ‘Learn French with Alexa’. Alexa has a lovely, friendly style and provides tuition at introductory level.

Self-assessment sheets

Year 3              

Term 1         Term 2       Term 3       Term 4       Term 5     Term 6

Year 4

Term 1         Term 2       Term 3       Term 4       Term 5      Term 6

Year 5

Term 1         Term 2       Term 3       Term 4       Term 5      Term 6

Year 6

Term 1         Terms 2, 3 and 4